Annual Report 2021

In 2021, a great deal was invented. More than ever before the patent office was veritably swamped. Read more about this in our annual report. And if you have invented something yourself: We'll check out your idea.

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Personal words

Mariana Karepova

2021 in short: Austria is number 5 EU-wide and number 11 worldwide which is quite respectable. There was no lack of ideas, technics, logos, and designs - on the contrary! We were approached with more than 30.000 innovations last year. There was a remarkable growth in our advisory services and trademarks. The problem is that the number of patent registrations by Austrian applicants decreased worldwide as well as here in Austria. While big companies have increased their patent registrations, SMEs have - thanks to pandemia tumult - refrained from their patent protection, which is a risky development. That's why we offer easier access for smaller and young firms. They can save up to 75% on trademarks and 50% on patents.

Dear community let me ask you, are there any excuses not to come to our patent office? We are there for you, you find us in Dresdner Strasse, online, on the phone, and of course in every federal country. We are looking forward to seeing you!


Leonore Gewessler

There are more than 11.000 reasons why we can be proud of Austrian inventions because it was this amount of patents that had been applied for in 2021. Especially motivating for me is the fact that our successes are in Green-Tech patents.

We are European champions and second worldwide when it comes to green buildings' technologies. In addition to that Austria is lying above the EU level concerning patent applications for climate-saving traffic technologies and sewage clarification and recycling. These climate-protecting patents make us fit for the competition of the future. They also strengthen a climate-friendly adjusted economy and Austria's international pioneer role.

It is my special pleasure to award the Staatspreis Patent to these great patents and creations on the 9th of November 2022.

Linda Bergstötter

I have always seen myself as a product designer and in my mind, I have a process that leads to the development of an idea. An idea is expressed by a person's facial appearance and body gestures relating to comic elements. The noisy murmur in speech bubbles stands for the creaking of the gearwheels in our heads. It was important to me that the figure should not be seen as "male" and I wanted to draw it in a way that it can likewise be interpreted as "female" or "genderless" in a modern sense.

Linda Bergstötter is studying fashion, graphic arts, and print graphics at University for Applied Arts.

Brands Pop Up

Artistic reinterpretation or clumsy imitation? Are trademarks, copyright, and design protection valuable tools for creatives - or just buzzwords? On World IP Day (26 April 2022), the Austrian Patent Office invited the Viennese creative community to the Brands Pop-Up Event at the Viennese trendy Sneak-In. In five slots, well-known creatives discussed how they deal with their own and other people's ideas, best practices, and failures.


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Zebras, Unicorns and other wild youngsters

Your „baby“ is based on your innovative idea. This is your most valuable asset.


So you protect it:

  1. 1.

    Start early. It is best to start thinking about protecting your idea against imitators immediately.

  2. 2.

    Protect your trade secrets and confidential documents. Sample contracts, licence agreements and non-disclosure agreements (NDA) for you to use can be found here:

  3. 3.

    Document the authorship of texts, images and source codes with a timestamp, here, for example: 
    Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) Blockchain data certifications service:

  4. 4.

    Document open source and any other third-party content you use - in Git Code Management or in your Digital Asset Management, for example.

  5. 5.

    Register your domains and social media accounts.

  6. 6.

    Register your trademarks and your designs

  7. 7.

    File patents for your technical inventions
    – if speed is of the essence, we are happy to make it provisional:

  8. 8.

    Talk to us if you have any questions, or are unsure about anything. We are at your service: info(at)

What must I pay attention to before the next pitch?

It's easy to overlook the details when pursuing a great idea. However, you should pay close attention to the following things before you make your pitch. 


  • When pitching technical inventions

    Remove technical details from the pitch documents or protect your idea before the pitch with a provisional application, online for only € 50.

  • When pitching trademarks

    File trademarks prior to the pitch: the fastest way is with Fast Track – it takes a max. 10 work days.

  • When pitching designs

    File the design prior to the pitch. A later application within 12 months of initial publication is possible, however there is the risk of a competitor registering sooner.

What do I need for a patent application?

You have an invention.
This invention must represent something new in both a technical and in a global sense - thus it may not yet be publically known.


We need from you:

  • Application for a patent

    best online

  • Title of the invention
  • Description of your invention
  • Owner of the invention

    Name and address

  • Patent claims

    What exactly do you want to protect in your invention? Which combination of features characterises the invention?

  • Summary of the invention

    The crux of your invention explained in just a few sentences.

  • Drawings

    Not absolutely necessary but still helpful.

  • Date and signature

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Zunächst einmal eine Marke, ein Logo, eine Signation ...
Dann geht der Rest ganz einfach und schnell.

[Translate to English:] Wir brauchen von Ihnen:

  • Markendarstellung

    Am besten online.

  • Anmelder*in der Marke

    Name und Adresse

  • Waren und Dienstleistungen

    Branchen, für die Sie die Marke nutzen. Suchen Sie die passende aus dem Verzeichnis aus:

  • Datum und Unterschrift


New study shows greatest optimism among start-ups

Together with Joanneum Research, the Patent Office surveyed 500 customers, companies, and researchers about their strategies during and after the crisis. The pandemic has not left anyone unscathed. Patent professionals, however, immediately bounced back after a Corona bump in 2020 - and even achieved an increase in patents: besides AVL List, with a record in 2021, many of the top applicants, such as Siemens Mobility, Engel, MIBA, Plasser & Theurer, and Trumpf Maschinen, continued to improve in terms of patents. The majority of SMEs, on the other hand, struggled. The situation is unusual in that the companies were active. They continued to research and develop even during the pandemic. It is true, not only in times of crisis, that SMEs are working to their full capacity. If you put the typical tasks of technology companies side by side, production is the top priority. Research and development is a necessity that is obvious to everyone - a product has to be developed further to survive in competition. And keeping supply chains running is something we can sing a song about in this pandemic. BUT: when it comes to securing innovations with a patent, the immediate benefit is still in the future. It is perceived by companies as important, but not urgent in this time of crisis.

For 61% of respondents, the pandemic is also a driver for entering new markets and for new, very specific patents on innovations in software and more brands for their digital business models. Startups are the most optimistic about the future: 70 % expect their trademark and patent applications to increase.

Read the Study (German only)


This is how much passed through our hands in 2021

  • 13.071 Inventions in total

    (10.587 the previous year)

  • 2.480 Invention applications

    (2.737 the previous year)

  • 6.458 Trademark applications

    (6.260 the previous year)

  • 400 Design applications

    (373 the previous year)

  • 630 Invention services

    (595 the previous year)

  • 755 Trademark services

    (622 the previous year)

Inventions in detail

  • 2.480 inventions

    were filed at the Austrian Patent Office in 2021.

  • 1.457 inventions

    we have granted in 2021

  • 12.222 inventions

    are in force at the Austrian Patent Office.

  • 11.031 inventions

    were applied for by Austrians worldwide.

Top inventors 2021

  • 205
    AVL List GmbH
  • 70
    Julius Blum GmbH
  • 34
    Zumtobel Lighting GmbH
  • 29
    Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH
  • 27
    MIBA Gleitlager Austria GmbH
  • 27
    Engel Austria GmbH
  • 25
    Plasser & Theurer GmbH
  • 18
    Technische Universität Wien
  • 17
    MIBA eMobility GmbH
  • 16
    Trumpf Maschinen Austria GmbH & Co. KG.
  • 16
    B&R Industrial Automation GmbH

Trademarks in detail

  • 6.458 Trademarks

    were filed at the Austrian Patent Office in 2021. 

  • 5.427 Trademarks

    were registered.

  • 98.684 Trademarks

    are in force at the Austrian Patent Office.

  • 755 Trademarks

    we have checked them for their uniqueness.

Designs in detail

  • 400 Designs

    were filed at the Austrian Patent Office in 2021.

  • 311 Designs

    were registered.

  • 7.382 Designs

    are in force at the Austrian Patent Office.


This is how inventive Austrians were in 2021: in total, they applied for 2,154 inventions, 5,838 trademarks, and 232 designs. If you select the province, you will find detailed information for the individual regions. Upper Austria leads the ranking for invention applications with 561 applications. If the applications are counted by population, the chance of meeting an inventor is highest in Vorarlberg.


  • Applications

    26 Patents
    3 Utility model
    167 Trademarks
    1 Design

  • Top invention applicant

    Isosport Verbundbauteile GmbH (3 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Leo Hillinger GmbH (15 applications)


  • Applications

    59 Patents
    22 Utility models
    289 Trademarks
    14 Designs

  • Top invention applicant

    Horst Dolezal (4 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Gurktaler Alpenkräuter GmbH (7 applications)

Lower Austria

  • Applications

    191 Patents
    23 Utility models
    949 Trademarks
    16 Designs

  • Top invention applicant

    Hirtenberger Automotive Safety GmbH & Co KG. (12 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    ZKW Group GmbH (17 applications)

Upper Austria

  • Applications

    513 Patents
    48 Utility models
    802 Trademarks
    15 Designs

  • Top invention applicant

    Engel Austria GmbH (27 applications)
    MIBA Gleitlager Austria GmbH (27 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Gmundner Molkerei eGen (12 applications)


  • Applications

    101 Patents
    14 Utility models
    456 Trademarks
    47 Designs

  • Top invention applicant

    B&R Industrial Automation GmbH (16 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Biogena GmbH & Co KG. (56 applications)


  • Applications

    462 Patents
    28 Utility models
    766 Trademarks
    46 Designs

  • Top invention applicant

    AVL List GmbH (205 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Dieter Gall (10 Anmeldungen)


  • Applications

    72 Patents
    19 Utility models
    409 Trademarks
    9 Designs

  • Top invention applicant

    Plansee SE (5 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Bora Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG (15 applications)


  • Applications

    123 Patents
    78 Utility models
    181 Trademarks
    1 Design

  • Top invention applicant

    Julius Blum GmbH (70 applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Hirschmann Automotive GmbH (12 applications)


  • Applications

    325 Patents
    47 Utility models
    1.819 Trademarks
    83 Designs

  • Top invention applicant

    Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH (29 Applications)

  • Top trademark applicant

    Österreichische Lotterien GmbH (28 applications)